Thieves in Montreal Are Stealing the Grease from Schwartz’s Delicious Sandwiches

CTV has the scoop:

The fat from all the meat processed by Schwartz’s, along with the French fry oil, is collected and stored in tanks behind the restaurant. “At one point, we used to have to pay to take it away and now it’s the opposite, they pay us,” said Schwartz’s manager Frank Silva.

And how much is the stuff worth?

The biodiesel market is hot and companies like Montreal’s Sanimax [which turn the fat into biodiesel] pay up to $800 per tonne of yellow grease. “That’s a lot of money compared to what it was worth four or five years ago. It was like $300 for the same commodity,” explained Sanimax’s Thierry Finn.

Schwartz’s produces nearly 1,000 litres of yellow grease per week, so while the conversion from litre to metric tonne isn’t the easiest of calculations, it’s safe to say that the practice is a profitable one. That also explains why someone would steal it.

“It’s a new crime,” said Finn. “Businesses have attracted thieves and they’re stealing more because they can find a buyer for it.”